Design and craft

Rochester is one of the few factories in the world today that still maintain the old traditional craft to produce pianos. Over 60% of employees in French factories have worked in this company for more than three decades. Under the guidance of these old craftsmen, pianos produced at present remain the extraordinary tone quality lasting for more than 180 years.

The soundboard

We only use carefully selected woods. For example best mountain grown spruce for the important soundboard. Trees in heights grow slowly – the results are fine grain and close annual rings, which increase the vibrational ability and encourage propagation of sound.

The frame

More than ten different types of wood are used in each Rochester piano. Beech and Nordic pine are used for the essential parts – wood that grows slowly and therefore is of superior quality. Furthermore mahogany, cherry, walnut or oak is used in profile mouldings, ornamentation and veneer.

The iron plate

Rochester iron frame resists a tension from the strings of more than 20 tons and gives all Rochester piano an extraordinary stability. The special feature of a Rochester iron frame is the closed and continuous moulded edge, as well as the precisely calculated strengthening stars within the frame itself.

The strings

To guarantee quality, the strings are made of high-quality steel alloys, which cannot be too hard or too soft. The bass strings are wrapped with 99.9% pure copper in order to achieve the necessary physical mass.


Rochester piano offers its pianos in classical black polished and in other colours or veneers according to individual requirements. For example in walnut, cherry, rosewood and yew wood to name but a few.


The Rochester piano are completely hand made which is rare compared to other piano manufacturers worldwide. The whole procedure requires the highly developed skills, calm hands and the exquisite hearing of our piano builders.

The tradition

Manufacturing pianos is a fine craft which, as a company founded on tradition, we live out with a passion. We craft by hand all the parts that give a piano its soul—meticulously, in numerous steps, with attention to detail.