Every process is precision managed by hand

Rochester GP210

This model is a 7-ft piano designed for auditoriums, conservatories, concert halls, spacious homes, and professional studios.

Rochester grand pianos will capture your imagination with their sonority, refined touch and unique sound. It is not just a treat for the ear,they are also a visual highlight and beautiful appreciation in the concert hall, parlor or modern living space.

It stands above other instruments in its power, ability to carry the stage and rich sonority. Distinguished by a massive rim design, wide body, oversized soundboard, and a pair of Tension Resonators, Rochester Piano is known for its brilliant tonal characteristics and longevity throughout the life of the instrument.

L: 210 cm selected mountainspruce Renner action Renner hammers

Rochester GP220

Our pianos consists of more that 13000 parts combined by our skilled craftsmen into a masterpiece of highest precision. We have bundled and refined the experience, the knowledge about the desired sound diversity, the different playing modes and touch dynamics.

This grand pianos includes models for every need, Its sound can fills medium-sized halls and conservatories, opera houses and large salons. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, our pianos provides uncompromising musicality and a brilliant sound. This Concert model is our crowning jewel.

L: 220 cm selected mountainspruce Renner action Renner hammers

Rochester GP170

The grand piano is for the parlor. This grand piano is truly convincing with its balanced and sensitive touch, which produces countless tonal nuances. The grand piano's range of sound sets standards and never fails to enchant the listener. This is the ideal instrument for chamber music concerts and enriching one's lifestyle. The sound board is made of the finest mountain spruce. Special felts are selected for the hammer heads.

Designer has designed noteworthy grand pianos for Rochester for several years. Our designs are known for their originality in combination with the utmost in functionality and perfect craftsmanship.

L: 170 cm selected mountainspruce Renner action Renner hammers

Rochester GP190

This series are an excellent technical and quality value, allowing the highest grade of expression in any musical field. Thanks to the top-quality cabinets, that are the result of Rochester's traditional handcraft knowledge, they are able to complement any environment.

Rochester GP190 is a genuine chamber concert instrument with finely nuanced tonal qualities. Perfect for teaching in the academy or the discerning musician at home.

This series of piano are designed with classical forms, in various finishes and dimensions. They convey premium quality in every structural and aesthetic detail, along with enhanced natural sound and elegance. As a result, they are highly suitable for all types of users and locations: from students to pianists, in theatres, private schools and Conservatories.

L: 190 cm selected mountainspruce Renner action Renner hammers

Rochester GP275

It is rightly considered to be one of the best grand pianos in the world. Its tone, playing mechanism and construction meet the very highest standards in terms of quality, refinement and perfection. The soundboard of Rochester grand piano have soundboards that reacts like a vibrating acoustic membrane and transforms the tones into long-lasting pleasures that unfold like blossoms.

Moreover, the cast iron frame was redesigned to optimize both the sound duration and the acoustic energy. Perfect mastering of the tensions within the acoustic assembly imbues each instrument with its own distinctive personality.

It is the ideal Ideal choice for pianists at every level. subtle touch and a noble, transparent and richly nuanced voice. the piano is capable of extreme colors, shadings and textures, all with extraordinary clarity.

L: 275 cm selected mountainspruce Renner action Renner hammers