Technical Support

A piano is a highly complex marvel of engineering in which over 8,000 parts made of wood, leather, felt and steel work together smoothly. It deserves special care. In order to enjoy the melodious sound of your Rochester piano for years to come, please take note of the following care instructions:


The complex construction of a piano, regular use and outside influences make it imperative that your instrument be tuned, voiced and regulated at regular intervals. We recommend once or twice each year. Please entrust these tasks, as well as the cleaning of the piano's interior and all maintenance during the warranty period, to an approved piano technician. Take advantage of the services of the specialist, who will liven up the sound of your piano.


Uprights and grands from Rochester are extremely reliable and durable. Nevertheless it may come to a point where an old instrument needs restoring. We offer a competent full-restoration service in our factory.

Care Instructions

1. Do not put volatile drugs such as insecticides, paints, adhesives, gasoline, alcohol on the piano to avoid discoloration and deterioration of the painted surface.

2. Do not wipe the keyboard with alcohol, gasoline, and various detergents.

3. Keep the painted surface away from rubber and plastic products.

4. Do not touch the interior parts of the piano, and do not change the internal structure.

5. Don't drop items into the piano and the gaps in the keyboard.

6. Wash your hands before playing the piano, and cut your nails shortly to avoid soiling and scratching the keyboard.

7. Your keyboard requires long-term maintenance. It is recommended to use protective piano covers.